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Price: $92.40


FX AccentoLume

FX AccentoLume Path Light

The FX Luminaire AccentoLume® is a perfect blend of elegant form and clean, geometric lines. The AL was designed to blend in effortlessly with both classic and modern architectures by combining graceful appearance with simplicity of form.

The patent pending AccentoLume® is constucted from extremely durable corossion resistant T6-6061 Aluminum Alloy, which receives a military-grade finish.

The AccentoLume® sends out a large, elliptical light pattern - light projects only 2' behind the fixture, 18' forward and 15' wide, but no higher than knee level. This unique photometric quality solves the common problem of projecting glare-free light onto expanses of hardscape from the perimeter.

A deep cowling assures glare-free illumination even on most uphill viewing applications. When mounted in tall plan material the AL creates a mini-moonlight effect.