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Max Million Camo

Max Million Rechargeable Spotlight in Camo

Powerful cordless rechargeable spotlight features super-bright Halogen bulb that produces 1,000,000 CP. Features a rubberized pistol grip, trigger switch with locking "ON" button, and removable 6-volt rechargeable battery. System charges the battery internally or independently of the Q-Beam from either 12-volt DC lighter plug or 110-vold AC charger (both included). On a full charge, battery will last approx. 20 minutes of continuous run-time. The Max Million Spotlight fully charges in about 12 hours using the AC Charger. Using the DC Charger it takes between 24 & 36 hours. When using the AC Charger, it should never be left to charge for more than 24 hours.
Pigtail Adapter

Max Million Lens

DC Lighter Plug

AC Transformer

Max Million Bulb

Max Million Battery

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