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15741AZT 10


Kichler 15741

Kichler 15741 8.5W LED Accent Light

Kichler 8.5W LED 15741 accent fixtures are available in 3 beam spreads (10, 35, & 60) to provide choices unequaled in the landscape lighting industry for perfecting the ultimate long lasting professional installation.

LED accent lights allow for complete energy efficient installations without compromising the quality of the light output or color temperature. Kichler’s light emitting diodes (LED’s) use 75% less energy resulting in lower operating costs and a reduction of light pollution in the environment. LED’s also virtually eliminate voltage drop issues.

Professional grade housing teams with 40,000, approximately 20 years hours of life before replacement is needed.

Kichler LED Landscape Lighting also provides dramatically reduced operating costs, ultimate precision in lighting design and reduced costs in transformers required for the installation. The new LED will make the neighbors green with envy and the planet green with pride, reshaping the way you think about Accent Lighting.

8" In-ground mounting stake included.
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