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Price: $63.00



FX ReflectoreStellato Uplite

Rugged Micro Luminaire

The ReflectoreStellato® is a rugged micro luminaire that provides the power and control of the halogen MR-16 lamp family. This patent pending precision lighting instrument is a fine example of engineering for simplicity and reliability. Through the innovative use of a G-ring hydraulic compres­sion cap seal, the potentially trouble­some threads and screws found in other spotlights are eliminated.

The ReflectoreStellato® is constructed without compromise using aerospace grade alloys and silicone seals. Because of its high efficiency, beam control, color rendition and availability, the halogen MR-16 lamp family was chosen to power this luminaire. The RS accommo­dates 11 different lamps ranging from 10-35 watts.

With this broad range of illuminating possibilities, the lighting designer can find an FX solution to most exterior lighting tasks.