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Price: $73.50



FX SpuntareIntimo Uplite

Soft Diffuse Halogen Illumination

The SpuntareIntimo® fills the niche of the occasional need for a more subtle light source.

We have engineered a white reflector to soften the lamp's output thereby allowing the designer to get the benefits of halogen's long life without overpowering the space with light. The bi-pin lamp in the Spuntarelntimo® provides an even, neutral color rendition.

This patent pending luminaire is an excellent choice for subtly illuminating small garden elements in residential courtyards or intimate seating areas. It is also a great light source for shadowing or backlighting small plant material.

When used with the clear lens positioned 8-12" from a stucco wall, the SI will produce its signature elliptical scallop light pattern. This elegant technique is effective even if no plant material is in the foreground because it breaks up the static linear lines of an otherwise plain straight wall.