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Price: $146.11



FX LampadaOttone Uplite

Fine Solid Brass Construction

Our premiere uplight luminaire is built to last a lifetime but priced for the value-conscious project owner. Milled from solid billet brass, this is the best choice for applications such as island resorts or beachside homes that demand extreme durability and high performance. A wide range of filters and glare control devices allows the lighting designer to shape the beam for precise light painting of any fine exterior.

FX has taken the semi-precious metal brass and created a clean distinctive form that incorporates exclusive beam control and light shaping options. Silicone O-ring seals create a watertite enclosure allowing the designer to use the LO as an uplight or downlight.

Because of its high efficiency, beam control, color rendition, and availibility, the halogen MR-16 lamp family was chosen to power this luminaire. The patent pending LO accommodates 28 different lamps ranging from 10-50 watts with a variety of beam spreads.